A new student must submit the following documents:

- A copy of his/her individual ID record or national identity card.
- A duly certified and endorsed school certificate and/or an official certificate for the holders of official degrees, plus a transcript of the official exam grades.
- A certificate of good conduct/behavior from his/her previous school.
-  Amilieh application form for admission.
- Two photos.

An old student reserves his/her place for the coming year within the deadline set forth by the administration and according to a regulation devised for the same purpose.

New students will not be admitted and registered, unless they pass an entrance exam and if places are available.
With regard to continuing students with incomplete grades to those who failed certain courses, they will be registered provided they pass a make-up exam.

A student is ultimately rejected if his conduct for the previous scholastic year is below 5/10 or if he fails the same class for two consecutive years.

Regarding admission and registration at Amilieh Kindergartens, new students are interviewed and should provide the following documents upon being accepted:

- a copy of his/her ID record or national identity card
- six photos
- a copy of the Health Record
- a medical report from a pediatrician
- a school certificate for those who have been to school before
- LBP 300,000 as a school fee (to be deducted from the annual fees). This amount will cover a medical insurance policy for the child through out the scholastic year plus necessary stationeries and other necessaries.

Continuing students should also provide the following documents: 

- a copy of his/her individual ID record or national identity card;
- six photos per child.