In 2011, Amilieh Philanthropic Islamic Association announced the beginning of a cultural educational collaboration with the Romanian Embassy. On its part, the Association agreed to include the Romanian Language in its program in the intermediate division of the Secondary School for Boys.

As of result of this collaboration and after two years of hard work, the Embassy in April 2014 chose six students to be sent to Romania in a cultural educational trip for six days (April 20 – April 28).

Congratulations for our children. We wish them a safe and happy trip, to the association more openness and progress and many thanks to the Romanian Embassy.


Amilieh High School Achieving the International School Award

Connecting classrooms is a British council managed programme working in over fifty countries that offers school partnerships, professional development courses, accreditation and the chance to share best practice with international counterparts.

What’s on offer?

There are three stands of the programme directly aimed at schools and teachers.

Partnerships: get the support you need to build a sustainable relationship with a link school.

Professional development: equip yourself to tackle global themes in the classroom and to develop the relevant skills and outlooks in young people.

International schools award: submit evidence of your school’s commitment to international work and again recognition from your school.

Amilieh high school for boys got engaged in this connecting classrooms programme two years ago. An international coordinator Najwa Allaik was assigned to carry all the collaborative work between Amilieh High School and Altwood College and the British Council.

The collaborative work started with three projects formed and supervised by the international coordinator. Gladly the projects done by students got the British Council confirmation. That’s where we had the chance to apply for the ISA (International School Award).

Applying for this award was not that easy. Amilieh School’s international coordinator had to form seven international projects that carry an international dimension and that cover all circular subjects and themes. Well happy to say, Amilieh high school was one of three schools between 17 schools from Lebanon to get full approval on the 7 projects.

 The seven projects had an international dimension to teaching and learning. The framework helped the students and teachers to develop and introduce our school’s international dimension. Our partnership with Altwood College flourished through the integrated everyday classroom activities that tackled global themes.

Through a one full year of effort and hard work, Amilieh High Scool was able to achieve ISA accreditation. The International Coordinator submitted a portfolio that showed evidence of their international activities and the impact they have had, alongside examples of their commitment to global learning at an institutional level.

The portfolio was presented to the British Council international jury along with a DVD that summarizes all the activities to examine and review.

The 2011-2012 portfolios had been reviewed by the ISA jury whose members were from the ISA Accreditation committee UK, British Council in Lebanon and the Center for Educational Research and Development –Lebanon.

Celebrating this occasion, an official ceremony was held on Friday 11th, January 2013, from 9:30 till 11:30, at the ministry of Education and Higher Education 12th floor – Auditorium. It was under the patronage of the minister of Education and Higher Education and her Majesty’s Ambassador to Lebanon.

At the same time, Amilieh High School for Boys received the ISA Official Certificate, ISA Trophy and ISA Flag.

This accreditation was from 2012-2015


After the results of the Lebanese Official Exams for the year 2011/2012 (Brevet and General Secondary Certificate in its four sections: General sciences, Life sciences, Economics and Socioloy) were released.

 We proudly present here by the results of the schools of Amilieh philanthropic Islamic Association:

Success rate in General sciences:

 – The English section is 100%

– The French section is 100%

Success rate in Life Sciences:

 – The English section is 100%

-  The French section is 100%

Success rate in Economics and Sociology:

– The English section is 100%

– The French section is 100%

The results of Brevet were as follows:

Success rate in Amilieh intermediate school for Girls:

- The French section is 91%

- The English section is 86%.

Success rate in Amilieh High school for boys:

 – The French section is 72.73%

- The English section is 92.59%

Congratulations to our students, teachers and the administrative stuff, for such a success!


Amilieh Association opened wide its doors for the Big Dance trial session on Saturday 12 May 2012. Two thousand students from 32 different schools, different Lebanese regions met at 9:30 on two big playgrounds. They were surprised by their teachers and principals’ whole all were led by Ms. Mayssa Dawoi British council representative the project manager.
This successful trial showed that those students were well trained and prepared for the Big Dance which will take place this year on Friday 18 May, 2012 at Nijmeh square downtown, Beirut.
Amilieh believes in such activities which provide international opportunities that build trust and root cultural awareness and relations among people.